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2021 Pagani Canada – Speaking to the Road & Track, the founder of Italian car and hypercar specialists, Pagani, Horacio Pagani, revealed that the company seemed to be working on its first electric model.

For his successor to Pagani Huayra, the automakers were developing a new vehicle with the password name C10, which was not expected to see the light of the day before 2021. According to Horacio Pagani, this upcoming model seems to be available in two versions — one will come with a twin-turbo V12 “traditional ” engine sourced from Mercedes-AMG, and the other will be fully powered. Pagani sees electricity as a new challenge – which will certainly prove costly, but will also respond to certain requests. The hybrid version of the vehicle seems to be out of the card. All the models needed now are a name.

Currently present at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland, the manufacturer celebrates its 20th anniversary of Zonda C12. Pagani is expected to present the Roadster version of its Huayra BC later this year.

Pagani wants to participate in an electric hypercar party. Yes, the same Pagani who made Huayra plans to produce the electric hypercar for 2024, according to a report from the Top Gear. A report from last year said Pagani consider it, but the language used here is much more definitive.

The founder of the company Horacio Pagani said, “Our project in the future is a fully electric car in the year 2024. ” It sounds like a promise for us. Now we just have to wait five years to see if it really happens – it’s a lot of time for plans to change. Another factor is demand. Pagani himself said the demand for Pagani electricity is around zero at the moment. “No customers or dealers we want to know about electric cars. They don’t want to know anything about it. They are not interested. It’s a big challenge for us, because nobody asks for it. “

Producing a car that does not have demand at the time of conception is forward-thinking or stupid, but Paganis sells in low quantities so it is tied to find some enthusiasts. Pagani can be far behind other supercar manufacturers in the electrification effort five years from now, so the timing of the present can be a helpful urge. There is also no fear that the V12 Paganis will go anywhere. The car with the engine will continue to be built, with Huayra’s successor on its way in 2021.

The next obstacle is finding out how to do it. Pagani does not have a partner to supply batteries or electric motors, so all the basic work is being prepared at home. According to the report, Pagani had been in two years in development. Fully electric vehicle engineering for small companies like Pagani is not a small task. The AMG provides the V12 designed specifically as the Pagani powertrain, but Mercedes does not have an electric vehicle technology that complies with Pagani’s current performance levels. Maybe a little shopping around is in order – Rimac comes to mind as one of the leaders in electric supercar motors.

Pagani claimed the biggest obstacle for Pagani’s electric hypercar was heavy. Everything else in the realm is now much heavier than their petrol engines counterparts. How Pagani can make gigantic battery packs to be light unclear, but he thinks it’s important for car success. There is no electric car that will match the AMG V12s ordered sound first, so it is a compromise that buyers should do Pagani if they ever use electricity. His intention was made clear by Horacio Pagani himself, but we will follow this over the next few years to see if Pagani actually did.