2021 McLaren Review

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2021 McLaren Review – McLaren will launch a new hybrid sports car in 2020. Appearing here in a series of spy shots, this vehicle will be the first electric model that will not be part of the ultimate series. So far, McLaren has launched two hybrid supercars: P1, built between 2013 and 2015, and Speedtail, manufactured in 2019. This new hybrid sports car can be a part of the Super Series or sport Series.

2021 McLaren Review

2021 McLaren Review Since the prototype is based on 720S, it’s easy to assume that the production model will replace Super Series at this time. On the other hand, 720S is only slightly larger than the 570S, which is part of the sports series. McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt also said that the company’s first hybrid sports car would be a substitute for the sport Series lineup, so this is the scenario we need to consider too. To make things simpler, I’m going to use Flewitt’s statement and treat this hybrid prototype as a replacement for the 570S.

2021 McLaren Exterior

Although wrapped in camouflage from the front to the back, this prototype is identical to the existing 720S as far as the design goes. It’s hard to predict what changes McLaren will make compared to the current Sports series lineup, but I’m sure it won’t be radically different. The McLaren GT, for example, borrowed from another McLarens, so replacement for 570S had to use the familiar clue as well.

British companies will probably use thinner and slightly longer headlights. The 570S curved design will fall as it no longer matches what we can see in other McLarens. A taper nose and a three-part bumper will be carried away as a traditional element. However, ventilation will have a different shape. The carbon fiber divider will round the front fascia.

Sports car profiles will also remain familiar. If we look at the current 2021 McLaren Review lineup, it’s just a Speedtail that stands out thanks to its longer deck lid. All the remaining models have the same shape as a whole. These new hybrids will not differ. It will also have a similar dihedral door, but with revised ventilation. It will probably migrate to the rear wheels and grow larger to improve drivetrain cooling.

The back of the hybrid supercar will probably have a thin back light, but the McLaren may leave a curved design. The British can go with a straight, horizontal design that looks at the McLaren GT. Below, McLaren will probably revise both the diffuser and the exhaust pipe, but this hybrid should retain the specific light-inspired vibration of the race-based Sports Current Series.

2021 McLaren Inland

Like other McLaren available today, the hybrid interior will focus on the driver and the sporty. McLaren will redesign the familiar layout in the 570 ‘s but expects some features to proceed with a similar design. Look for a simple dash, a thin middle stack with a vertical look for the infotainment system, and all the instrument clusters that are all digital. Both displays will have a new menu to serve the hybrid longer drivetrain. You will be able to monitor data such as battery charging, all-electric mileage, combined mileage, and regenerative power.

Like its predecessor, the new sports car will feature a flat-bottom steering wheel and a pair of highly-supported seats. It should also sit well in the premium market thanks to leather upholstery and Alcantara, the contrast stitches, and fitting and finish. Standard Trim should include aluminium and carbon fiber, but McLaren will also offer an all-carbon package. Likewise, look for a multitude of customization options ranging from materials in a variety of colors, matching stitches or contrasts, even optional carbon fiber seats.

This sports car will also feature A/C system, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, and premium audio systems, so spending time in the cab should be of interest to the least.


This is where the upcoming sports cars will stand out compared to the Sport Series models coming out. Not only because McLaren will add an electric motor and battery to the drivetrain, but also because it will introduce a new engine. According to a previous report, McLaren’s first hybrid outside of Ultimate Series would leave a long-standing V-8 twin-turbo engine. Instead, the British worked on the V-6 unit.

Details about this machine are not present at this time, but will likely have a displacement of 3.0 liters and a pair of turbochargers. Smaller engines with fewer cylinders usually result in lower performance, but the electric motors will redeem them. McLaren generation substitutes typically have greater power, so this V-6 hybrid should have a power greater than 570S. The latter comes with 562 horsepower and 443 pound-feet on the press.

While V-6 will produce between 400 to 450 horsepower, electric motors will probably add quite a lot to turn a hybrid into a 600 horsepower vehicle. Torque will be higher because the electric motor has more rounds than the gas-powered engine. Expect this figure to exceed the 550-pound-foot mark.

Extra power should make the hybrid supercar faster than 570S, but the battery pack will add extra weight. McLaren will probably succeed in making the car lighter than the 570 ‘s, but the battery may make it heavier overall. This does not mean that the hybrid will not be faster, but it will not be faster. Sprint up to 60 mph may take up to 2.9 or three seconds, which will make it up to two tenths faster than 570S. The highest speed should stay the same at 204 mph or up one or two mph.

Batteries are another major change under the skin. While P1 has electricity coming from its regeneration system, this sports car will be a complete hybrid that you can refill. This means that it also has a better range. While P1 runs only seven miles by electric power alone, this sports car will be able to do that for at least 30 miles.

Whether sports series hybrid will borrow electric motors, batteries, and technology from Speedtail remains a mystery, but most likely.

Just like the existing sports series, this new supercar will be offered in more than one version. McLaren will also develop conversions, but will also create a higher version of the Long Tail varieties.

2021 McLaren Price

Since replacing 570S, this Sports Series hybrid model must be the most affordable McLaren available for sale. But, while the 570S starts from less than $190,000, the hybrid can be sold from about $200,000. Sports cars will be offered with a long list of options, many of which will cost more than $5,000. This means that a fully packed model will take more than $230,000.