2020 McLaren 600LT Spider Review

2020 McLaren 600LT Spider Review

2020 McLaren 600LT Spider Review – When We reviewed the coupé version of McLaren 600LT several months ago, we equated the development of McLaren Automotive products with that of a fast food restaurant: A set of basic ingredients combined in innovative, but familiar dishes. It Was A complement, an appreciation of the small business’s ability in the last eight years, more or less, to take a V-8 double turbo, a carbon fiber bathtub and a couple of different suspension systems and turn them into a bewildering array of Variations.

2020 McLaren 600LT Spider

McLaren remembered that, possibly more by the reference of fast food than by our wonder of eyes before the ingenuity of the young company. We know, because a company representative mentioned it to us shortly after we jumped the McLaren 600LT Spider. It’S Funny that the company only served us a delicious cheeseburger in the Hippodrome paddock we just drove.

As you might have gathered, the 600LT Spider is the 600LT coupe but with a retractable top. It Uses the 592 HP version of 3.8 Coupe double Turbo V8. This engine, like the totality of the 600LT coupé and Spider-oriented track, is a variation of the V-8 of 3.8 liters and double turbo of 562 hp that feeds the 570S and the 570S Spider. The engine is bolted to the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission that serves, with small variations, on all other McLaren models in the modern era. The structure of the 600LT Spider is a carbon fiber bathtub that evolved from the original used in the 2012 MP4-12C. Sprouting from the basic structure of all the 600LT, we find the aluminium control arms forged from the 720S model of a staircase. McLaren then takes the ventilated and winged body of the 600LT coupé and adds the retractable roofing mechanism of a 570S Spider. Therefore, you can see the 600LT Spider as a 600LT coupe but without the top bow or as a 570S Spider with the Special LT Sauce™ from McLaren.

But I wasn’t thinking about burgers when we drove the Spider at full speed down the track at the Arizona Motorsports Park, against the Luke Air Force Base and down the road from a state prison outside of Phoenix. On each lap, after reassembling shifts 5 through 7 again. Every once in a while, I wondered, while I was surrounded by the inside completely covered with Microchamois, if this is what looks like a diamond ring tucked into one of those fuzzy jewelry boxes.

On the way, we weren’t thinking about the hard ceiling that fitted bad that caused a sharp whistle from the top of the passenger side window. We were Not concerned in the slightest for the value of our test car, which carried something like $60.000 in optional equipment beyond its base price of a quarter of a million dollars. We were Not concerned in the slightest by the rigid driving on the road or the noisy tires of the Pirelli P Zero Trophy R tyres. We were Just having an explosion.

The ease of play of the 600LT reminds us of a Lotus Elise but with a great grip and great power. So reassuring is the handling of the car, so balanced preternaturalmente, that will go fast immediately. It Is just fast in its course, but that speed is achieved without the imminent threat that accompanies some supercars, as if they were always on the edge of the knife. The 600LT Spider certainly feels more buttoned and precise than the 570S on which it is based, but does not stop the neglect of the minor model.

The 600LT Brake Pedal is perfectly firm and the system, with standard carbon ceramic discs, does not soften after 10 hard turns. The cunning speed of the car does what it can to make the brakes look bad, but it usually fails. His address is a thing of true beauty; It feels natural, not as a computer simulation of how natural direction feels. The transmission with pallet change triggers rapid changes of electrons without altering the balance of the car.

Yes, we like it. We like the exact same thing we like 600LT Coupe, which is almost identical except for the 110 lb McLaren says the power ceiling mechanism adds to the unladen weight of approximately 3150 pounds of coupe. The beauty of the construction of the carbon VAT is that no additional structural reinforcements are required to maintain the stiffness of the coupe. Like having a little breeze under your helmet? Get the Spider. Do you Prefer a slightly less busy style of coupe? Then get the coupe.

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