2020 Jaguar XE Facelift Release Date

2020 Jaguar XE Facelift Release Date

2020 Jaguar XE Facelift Release Date – It may be the start of the Detroit 2019 Auto Show, but in northern Europe, it’s just a regular day. That means that car manufacturers are testing their future models, including the XE, which will soon come true. We already saw the Jaguar sports sedan before, but this lot of 20 new images gives us a better view of Britain’s response to the trio A4/3 Series/C-Class.

2020 Jaguar XE Facelift Release Date

Maybe it’s camouflage making jokes, but the headlights seem to be thinner than before, and it could be a similar story in the back with the taillights. The generous amount of disguise used by Jag may tempt you to believe that the XE is about to undergo major facelift, but since this is only a mid-cycle renovation, it’s probably not the case. Apart from the new lights, we are also waiting for a new look for the bumpers. That’s all.

Our spies were able to take a couple of photos with the inside of the sedan, which although not finished, reveals some of the changes that will pass the board. For example, the controller screen is completely black, so we are probably facing a completely digital configuration because we cannot see any physical needles or meters.

Take a look at the center console and you’ll see that the bottom screen is flanked by two rotating knobs as it was recently seen in the I-Pace electric crossover. The top touch screen will be updated with the latest and best entertainment of Jaguar entertainment, while the shape of the gearshift reminds us of the hardcore XE SV Project 8.

Mercedes renewed Class C earlier this year, BMW has just launched the new Series 3 and Audi is about to give a final touch to the A4. Jaguar is not wasting time, as the British are preparing to upgrade their sports sedan XE, as evidenced by these two prototypes discovered on a rainy day. The generous amount of camouflage can tempt you to believe that Jag’s plastic surgeons are making some massive changes, but in reality, we’re not expecting a drastic makeover.

As a simple face wash, the 2020 XE is programmed to receive slightly updated graphics for headlights and taillights, along with discreetly adjusted bumpers. Larger changes could occur inside the cockpit where I-Pace’s infotainment Touch Pro Duo system could be deployed in the Jaguar’s superior compact sedan cabin for a more advanced experience.

To keep up with the Germans, the facelift XE will probably get some semi-autonomous driving technologies and possibly a wide range of security systems. Under the skin, engineers have planned a smooth hybrid configuration to reduce fuel consumption and thus reduce emissions from JLR’s Ingenium engines. The chassis and suspension revisions could also be visible to further strengthen the agility of the XE.

Wagon fans should not be too hopeful because Jaguar is not planning an XE Sportbrake because the segment is already full and the demand is not so strong in the automotive world obsessed with today’s SUV’s. A higher-ranking SVR is also being discarded, so if you want the most current version of the XE, see if you can find one of the 300 examples of Project 8 of 592 horsepower in the used car market.

The revised XE will debut sometime next year, possibly at the Geneva Motor Show 2019 in March, before going on sale shortly thereafter.

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