2020 Bentley Continental GT Review United States

2020 Bentley Continental GT Review United States

2020 Bentley Continental GT Review United States – The first generation of Continental GT resurrected the Bentley brand, proving that the legendary British car manufacturer was safe in the hands of Volkswagen. Combining Luxury and sportsmanship, that car lived up to the reputation established by legendary Bentley models, such as the prewar Speed Six and the Continental R-Type of the 1950 decade.

2020 Bentley Continental GT Review United States

Bentley released an extensive update of the original automobile in 2011, but the Continental GT you see here is the first true redesign of the clean model sheet. Bentley unveiled a coupe first, and is now launching a convertible version. The car manufacturer brought Digital Trends to Spain to take this latest version from the Mediterranean town of Malaga to the city of Seville. It Was the perfect test of a luxurious long distance cruise like the Continental GT.

The Convertible 2020 Bentley Continental GT will start at $236.100 when it goes on sale in the U.S. Our test car had a long list of options, which included an extreme silver paint job of $6.000, an 18-speaker Naim Audio System ($8.670) and a revolving central display ($6.270), which inflates the price as tested to $279.890.

The new convertible Continental GT looks much more elegant than its predecessor, which was a beautiful automobile which, however, had trouble hiding its volume. The dimensions have not changed drastically, said Stefan Sielaff, design director of Bentley. This Is the proportions and the details: The new car has a shorter front overhang, but a longer rear, as well as a different wheelbase that allowed Bentley to stretch the bonnet a little. Like the Continental GT Coupe, the convertible also has headlights made to look like carved glass and body panels created by an aluminum superforming process. It Is about heating the metal to 932 degrees Fahrenheit and shaping it in shape, leaving the wrinkles as sharp and clean as a pair of well-ironed trousers.

For the sake of tradition, Bentley continues to use a convertible fabric cover instead of a collapsible metal roof. The roof of the Continental GT can be raised or lowered in only 19 seconds, at speeds up to 30 mph. For what it’s worth, Bentley now has the fastest top among the ultra-luxury convertibles. A Rolls-Royce Dawn takes 22 seconds to raise or lower the roof and can do so at speeds up to 31 mph. A cabriolet Mercedes-Benz S-Class takes 20 seconds to do the same, also at speeds up to 31 mph.2020 Bentley Continental GT Review United States

As with any convertible, the top does eat boot space of introduction: The Convertible has space for 8.3 cubic feet of things, below the 12.6 cubic feet of the coupe. The owners will probably use the rear seats for additional storage space as they do not provide much space for humans. The front seats are quite spacious, as it should be in such a big car. Shoppers can specify heated front seats, a heated steering wheel, and neck heaters to make the top-down driving possible in cooler weather.

A Bentley is all about the inside. The luxurious materials and craftsmanship are on a completely different level than most other luxury cars, with the exception of the rival Rolls. Each car has a vast expanse of hand-assembled wood veneer with attached leather upholstery with more than 310.000 stitches and 1.7 miles of thread. Many cars feel expensive but, thanks to Bentley’s attention to details, the Continental GT is one of the few that feels really special and desirable.


We are Also excited about the interior of the Continental GT convertible from the previous generation, but we feel less excited about the total lack of modern technology features of that automobile. The convertible of the Continental GT 2020 takes care of that with a complete review of information and entertainment.

This time, the Continental GT obtains a group of digital instruments, a frontal screen and a 12.3-inch central screen. Based on the Bentley’s MMI Audi system, the information and entertainment system is compatible with Apple Display, but not with Android Auto. The system is not as elaborate as the configuration in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabriolet, but it is not so frustrating to use. Request the optional revolving screen, and the display can be changed by analog indicators or a flat section of the dashboard with a single push of a button. After all, who wants to see a blank screen when the car is off? It Also allows drivers to disconnect from the digital distractions and just enjoy the experience.2020 Bentley Continental GT Review United States

Bentley offers three audio system options on the Continental GT convertible: A standard no-brand system with 10 speakers and 650 watts, a 16-speaker Bang & Olufsen system, 1.500 Watts, and an 18-speaker Naim system, 2.200 watts. Our test car had the latter, which also has bass transducers under the front seats that have the effect of giving a musical massage to the occupants. The high levels of bass may not be for everyone, but the clarity and power of the Naim system (which is an option of $8.670) was impressive.

The Continental GT has some help for the driver, but this does not seem to be a priority for Bentley. Adaptive cruise control, lane maintenance assistance and self-contained emergency braking are available, but Bentley offers nothing you won’t find in much cheaper cars. It’s Not that someone wants to rely on electronic nannies once they slide behind the leather-lined steering wheel and feel the engine noise.


Check the boxes of the two packages of technology options available in the convertible Continental GT. City Spec Packages add features such as low-speed self-contained emergency braking, traffic signal recognition, and a top-view camera. The featured features of the Touring Specification include adaptive cruise control, a viewing screen and night vision. We Also add the 18-speaker Naim audio system.

Our test car came with 21-inch rims, which are standard equipment on the Continental GT convertible. Bentley offers 22-inch rims, but we’re left with the smaller tires. They Fill the holes of the wheels well and the larger wheels could have a negative effect on the quality of gear.

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