2019 Bentley Continental GT Concept

2019 Bentley Continental GT Concept

2019 Bentley Continental GT Concept – The first printing unit for the new Bentley Continental GT 2019 was scheduled for November 2017 in Barcelona, Spain. In an unusual move, Bentley delayed the dispatch of replacing his huge new roadster for half a year. Why? The car wasn’t enough. Bentley engineers needed a Grand Slam, not a double. Which is fine, even in these times when the SUV is crazed when the Bentayga is the success of Bentley, the new and attractive Continental GT is the heart, soul and face of the famous brand. Truly, the last age of the heavyweight miles Tourer is the best Bentley of all time, with almost 70.000 units sold. The updated would do well to shake.

2019 Bentley Continental GT Concept

Fast forward to the center of May and the stunning Kitzbühel hel Country Club tucked away in the Tyrolean Alps. With the Continental GT currently well organized, Bentley gathered a pack of American car recorders to bring the beasts to the extent of an incredible reduced visit. Our course rose to the exceptional Alpine Grossglockner Road, plummeted on a landing strip in Lienz, fell in Sauris, Italy, finally headed once again to Austria, where a sanctioned fly would take us to Munich, Germany. Beats breaking rocks.

The new Conti assembles in the MSB design stamped with force of the Volkswagen group, given to the Porsche Panamea of the Second Age. The “S ” in the center is synonymous with standard format, as in a front motor elevation drive design. Given the causes of VW, a certain incongruence with the standard Volkswagen format puts the engine ahead. Skeptics among you (that is, my Instagram followers) will be quick to draw attention to the new Bentley being extremely just a two-inning panamer. You should have considered it the 928, wouldn’t you? Off the base.

Very bad, really. I would need to know the huge Porsche vehicle to see the mutual parts. Fortunately for you, lately I had two panames in my hands. The paddle changers mounted on the wheel and the lever to modify the guide wheel are the two most observable vestiges of the Continental of the Panamea. Bentley hurried to stretch that has been included with MSB since its inception, and the automaker completed an impressive activity of separating the Continental from its corporate cousin.2019 Bentley Continental GT Concept

Starting with what’s on the engine: The well-known 6.0-liter W-12 dual-turbo is currently useful for 626 units and 664 lb-ft of torque. This is usually a similar engine which made its presentation in the Bentayga, however, in the SUV Bentley produces only 600 horses. The motor Square is further amended for the Continental obligation GT. Since a drive shaft to control the front wheels needs to move across the square itself, Bentley needed to cut off one of the key directions. In Comfort and Bentley modes, up to 38 percent of engine torque can be sent to the front wheels. In sports mode, that amount drops to 17 percent. Much more imperative, the board’s estimation to the pivot has been developed at 5.3 inches. That greatly encourages the feeling, as well as never more lives fully before the wheels, style Audi. Understeer, as we will see, is greatly reduced.

Aimed at that big W-12 is an eight-speed double-grip gearbox, a first for Bentley. It is a snug variant of the Porsche PDK, also known as Porsche Doppelkupplung. We should call him BDK. Do you have to consider how the Conti was postponed for half a year? Bdk. For a long time I have maintained that the Porsche PDK is the best dual-grip transmission period. In case you take it, take it from the best. Despite the fact that a double grip offers numerous performance benefits, it can acquire inconveniences every day. At low speeds, it is difficult to easily start from a standstill, rather than a trouble-free programmed torque converter. Bentley is a first-class extravagance brand, and cannot have its 1 percent customers swinging away from a stop sign. Bentley’s coffins felt that they needed to completely nail the point of view of extravagance without losing the energy substance of the PDK. Those things require some investment.

From the front, the new GT can be the most attractive Bentley of all. Although I have a weakness for the champions of Le Mans before the war, however, the external architect John Paul Gregory deserves a colossal acclamation. In case aliens from space came to Earth and were advised to pick the most attractive Bentley nose, Gregory’s plan would win, appendices down. The front and front perspectives of 75% are beautiful.2019 Bentley Continental GT Concept

The new Conti travels on 22-inch rims, and even with a 112.2-inch wheelbase (same as a Lexus LX 570), the car looks a little short. Experience a similar fate that lurks in the new and generally incredible Aston Martin Vantage: The wheels are giant for the car. For my eye, it looks donked. A couple of more crawls in the wheelbase would help. In the same way, the combo of the exhaust/chrome bumper that falls down the road to the rear wheel resembles a golf club, like the hockey stick that, according to all versions, is attached to the flank of the series 7 of BMW. However, the 9-press wall lamp, treasure the mammoth’s bottom. Bentley nailed that part. However, I’m not crazy about the back of the Continental. I don’t care if the tips of the fumes are indistinguishable from the taillights. It seems to be a worn-out contraption, under the stature of a car like this. Silly, even the round funnels would look substantially more developed. In general terms, in any case, it is preferable for the new Continental GT to investigate.

Like the outside, the interior of the new Continental is an important and provocative breakthrough. There are no undeniable parts of Porsche shared, put something aside for the convenience of the medium, however, it must be a super nerd (Greetings, Mom!) To take note. Besides, what a decent place it is to be. Seven dairy animals gave their covers for each interior, which is sewn with approximately 2 miles of rope and 310.675 lines. If you organize another Conti, be sure to decide on the full Gen C tes for the average tranquility. Motivated by Swiss timepieces, the designed metal is exquisite and desirable to perfection with the standard dark piano finish.

The MSB stage is full of electronic treats and, depending on how you design it, can have more than 92 ECU on board. There is a large 12.3 inch touch screen, which controls everything from driving height to kneading strength. This is a tremendous change over the active Continental. Calling the infotainment frame in the past auto “dated ” is a consideration. In the new form, the screen rotates outward when touching a capture, evidently a pattern of extravagance. The screen is a three-sided piece that could then show either a strong wooden façade or three completely simple verifications. These measures are so attractive (especially the pivoting compass), and they solve the Bentley question about the choice of running with advanced fundamental controls. Fancy odds and ends are decent, however, genuine extravagance is peace of sight and calm.

Bentley quotes a time 0-60 of 3.6 seconds. As the Panamea Turbo Sport Turismo (550 hp, 567 lb-ft or torque) made it in 3.0 seconds, I anticipate that the Continental GT will improve its expressed time. No doubt it is somewhat heavier, and BDK does not move as fiercely as PDK, but control is control. I’ll calculate 3.2 seconds. Bentley does not give quarter-mile, however, with the Porsche cart covering that range in 11.3 seconds, the Conti should do it in about 11.5. The maximum speed is 207 mph, however, the good fortunes corroborate it. The closest we saw was 150 mph or somewhere close by. I must point out the brakes exceptional. These are colossal steel things, 16.5 crawls on the front wrapped by 10-cylinder pliers, 15.0 creeps towards the rear. They never showed a trace of Blur, which was doubly decent because Bentley used the torque vectoring side by side by braking. For the most part, I am not a fan of this execution system because, unless its brakes are incredibly strong, it starts the blur. It’s not like that here.

Starting at about $220.000 when the car advances to Bentley traders in the United States next spring, the new Continental GT is not for the working class. What different cars can be considered by percenters? The Mercedes-AMG S 65 coupe is stacked well on paper (12 cameras, 620 hp, 738 lb-ft of torque) and expenses considerably more. Be that as it may, the S 65 never feels that it actually produces the torque it should, and the transmission has been (and still is) a frustration. In addition, since it is back, alone, the northeast must depend on the class S S 63. Just eight barrels? Disgust! At that point is the Rolls-Royce Wraith of 624 horsepower and 605 pounds per foot, but you will need 10 extra images of Salmon P. Look for one, at a base cost of $317.000. The Wraith is also RWD and, along these lines, is not useful for the snowy. It’s not that fast either. Aston Martin propelled the 630 hp AMR DB11 with the best speed of 208 mph, surpassing the Bentley both in power and in Vmax. In any case, as for the agility and the capacity of all weather, the Continental strikes its British adversary.

With a nice, solid look, a delight to drive and also to relax, the updated Continental GT is a solid renovation of the Bentley symbol. Discovering deficiencies with the car beyond its point of value is an activity in tiny. The Bentley group has done its business. The GT has been a decent quirky car to incredible as it made its presentation 15 years earlier, and has only shown signs of improvement. It even has USB ports now! The Continental GT is not just class driving; In many ways, it’s class characterization.

I’ll leave you with a final perception. The Bentley public relations group invested some energy on the knurling on the metal parts of the GT, for example, temperature handles, radio controls and paddle shifters. Things you can really see, help make a big cabin just more magnificent. By the time Floyd was driving somewhere along the outskirts of Austria and Italy, slide my fingers behind the metal handle of the entrance. In the same way knurled. You can’t see it, however, extravagance is about things you can contact. With this Bentley, you get what you pay for.

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